About Us

At Urban Trendsetters Television and Media, diversity and inclusion are highly valued. The company is dedicated to representing Black Americans in a positive light and promoting Black Excellence in the communities it serves. With a focus on minority outreach and access, Urban Trendsetters is committed to creating authentic representations of Black Americans in media.

This mission is crucial, as media representation can influence how people perceive and understand different groups in society. By presenting positive images of Black Americans, Urban Trendsetters is working to combat negative stereotypes and foster greater understanding and appreciation of diversity within the community.

Black Americans are often considered trendsetters due to their influence on popular culture and fashion. Black Americans have played a significant role in shaping music, fashion, art, and other cultural trends throughout history.

Musical movements, including jazz, rock and roll, soul, and hip hop are genres that have had a profound impact on popular culture and have influenced the music and fashion of other communities around the world.

Black Americans have also played a significant role in shaping fashion trends. Many iconic fashion designers, models, and style icons are Black Americans, and their influence can be seen in the styles and trends that are popular today. In addition to their influence on popular culture and fashion, Black Americans have also been trendsetters in other areas, such as technology and entrepreneurship. Many successful Black entrepreneurs and innovators have helped to shape the direction of these industries and have inspired others to pursue their own dreams.

Overall, Black Americans are considered trendsetters due to their ability to shape and influence popular culture and other areas of society.