Black Columbus Family Reunion: A Celebration of Heritage, Unity, and the Community

The Black Columbus Family Reunion - September 9-10, 2023

COLUMBUS, OH – The spirit of the 1990s “Coming Home Festival” is set to be revived in Columbus, as UnBossed! Columbus brings back the memories with the reimagined Black Columbus Family Reunion. Scheduled for September 9th and 10th at Franklin Park, this two-day event promises a vibrant celebration of the African-American community’s rich heritage, culture, and contributions.

DaVante’ Goins, the founder of The Black Columbus Family Reunion and UnBossed! Columbus, passionately shared, “The Black Columbus Family Reunion is more than just a gathering; it’s a testament to our shared history, resilience, and the vibrant future we’re building together.”

The original “Coming Home Festival” was a cornerstone event in the 1990s, uniting families, friends, and neighbors from diverse backgrounds. The modern-day Black Columbus Family Reunion aims to bridge the community’s past, present, and future. Goins elaborated, “This reunion is a beacon, shining light on the rich tapestry of our shared heritage and the endless possibilities that lie ahead for our community.” Attendees can expect a plethora of engaging activities, ranging from music and dance performances to cultural showcases, educational seminars, and entrepreneurial expos.

Each segment of the celebration has been thoughtfully curated to reflect the diverse facets of African-American culture and achievements. “Our ancestors dreamed of a future where their descendants would come together in unity and celebration. Today, we make that dream a reality,” Goins remarked. He continued, “This isn’t just a reunion of families; it’s a reunion of dreams, aspirations, and the collective spirit of a community that has overcome countless challenges.”

Highlights of the event include:

Unity and Empowerment: An opportunity to foster connections, network, and support one another, nurturing the roots of the community.

● Local Impact and Community Building: A resource pavilion offering essential community support and the Buy Black pavilion, which will showcase the best of local Black-owned businesses.

● Engaging Activities: A lively line dancing competition, a thrilling spades tournament, and much more promise to keep attendees entertained.

● Celebrating Heritage: A deep dive into the flavors, beats, and stories that define the African-American community, paying homage to the legends who’ve shaped and continue to inspire.

“Every story shared, every hug exchanged, and every song sung at this reunion is a testament to the enduring spirit of the Black community in Columbus,” Goins emphasized. “We gather not just to reminisce about the past, but to chart a course for a future where every member of our community feels seen, heard, and cherished.” The best part? This event is free and open to everyone, making it a true gift to the community. Attendees are encouraged to bring along their friends, family, and neighbors for a weekend of unforgettable experiences.

In anticipation of the event, a press conference will be held on Friday, September 8 at 11A at the Franklin Park Amphitheater. The official schedule of events will be unveiled, and attendees will have the chance to hear directly from sponsors and corporate Partners. Adding to the significance of the event, United States Congresswoman Joyce Beatty of Ohio’s 3rd Congressional District wrote in a Congressional Recognition letter, “I am proud to lend my support to this important festival.”

For those interested in attending or learning more about the Black Columbus Family Reunion, details are available on the official website:

UnBossed! Columbus, the organization behind this grand event, has always been at the forefront of celebrating and uplifting the African-American community in Columbus. While it remains the city’s only source for Black News and Talk as a streaming network. Through events like this, they aim to create lasting memories and a significant impact in the community.

In conclusion Goins stated, “The Black Columbus Family Reunion is our way of saying to the world: We are here, we are proud, and our legacy will continue to shine for generations to come.”

For further information, please contact visit The Black Columbus Family Reunion,, or call 614.233.1171.