GasBuddy Collaborates with CSC ServiceWorks to Simplify Finding Air Pumps Through In-App Feature


DALLAS – GasBuddy, the renowned platform for fuel savings that has been consistently putting more money back in the pockets of North American drivers, has exciting news for its users. In a strategic move to elevate awareness about the significance of well-inflated tires and to streamline the process of locating air vending machines, GasBuddy has joined forces with CSC ServiceWorks. The collaboration is set to revolutionize the way drivers approach tire maintenance and safety, all within the convenience of the GasBuddy app.

CSC ServiceWorks is a prominent name in the industry, known for its air vending services available at convenience stores and gas stations. Beyond that, the company holds a leading position as a provider of commercial laundry solutions to multi-family housing and education sectors, boasting a staggering 1.4 million machines in operation.

The partnership brings forth a holistic approach to ensuring driver safety and promoting fuel efficiency. By reminding drivers of the criticality of maintaining proper tire pressure, GasBuddy aims to be more than just a gas-finding app – it evolves into a comprehensive fuel savings platform. With the new feature, drivers can effortlessly identify the nearest air pump through the GasBuddy app whenever the need arises.

According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a tire under-inflated by 25% increases the likelihood of a crash by threefold, while a tire over-inflated by the same percentage doubles the crash risk compared to properly inflated tires. Furthermore, even slight under-inflation of tires by just 1 psi leads to a 0.4% drop in fuel efficiency.

Yannick Lord, Vice President of Product for GasBuddy, emphasized the significance of this new capability: “Adding the ability to locate air pumps reinforces GasBuddy’s commitment to help drivers save money on gas and take care of their vehicles to stay safe.” He went on to underline the platform’s evolution into a comprehensive vehicle-related cost-saving solution.

Particularly during the warmer months, when temperature fluctuations can affect tire pressure, it is imperative for drivers to regularly monitor tire pressure, especially before embarking on long road trips. Relying solely on the vehicle’s electronic sensors may not provide a comprehensive view of tire health.

Dan Joyce, VP Consumer & Client Engagement at CSC ServiceWorks, expressed the mutual benefit of this collaboration: “Partnering with GasBuddy has allowed our combined marketing efforts to reach millions of drivers to save them more at the pump and more importantly keep them safe behind the wheel.” The seamless integration of this feature aims to motivate drivers to prioritize their safety and adopt a proactive approach to tire maintenance.

To locate air pumps nearby, drivers can navigate to the “Find Gas” tab within the GasBuddy app and access the Station Details page. Stations equipped with air pumps will display an activation button. Alternatively, users can filter stations offering air pumps by selecting the “Air” filter on the stations page.

This partnership showcases GasBuddy’s unwavering commitment to driver convenience, safety, and savings. By joining hands with CSC ServiceWorks, GasBuddy propels itself beyond its origin as a gas price tracking tool into a holistic resource for drivers across North America.

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