Sharon S. Gordon

National – Beautycon, the global platform for beauty, fashion, and lifestyle communities, is making a highly anticipated comeback with a fresh vision and mission. Under the new ownership and management of Essence Ventures, LLC, which is committed to driving global economic equity, Beautycon aims to empower individuals to define beauty for themselves and challenge conventional beauty standards.

The relaunch of Beautycon signifies an evolution into an always-on movement, serving as both an experiential and content-focused platform. It seeks to amplify global beauty conversations and celebrate diverse identities, gender expressions, textures, and backgrounds. Beautycon is set to kick off its first in-person experiences since 2019 at the 2023 ESSENCE Festival of Culture presented by Coca-Cola in New Orleans. This will be followed by a homecoming event in Los Angeles later this year.

Caroline Wanga, President and CEO of Essence Ventures, expressed the intention to democratize beauty and shift the power from brands and corporations back to individuals. The aim is to dismantle unhealthy beauty standards and create an equitable ecosystem for creators and entrepreneurs. Wanga emphasized the need to redefine beauty, putting the control back into the hands of individuals rather than perpetuating an aesthetic of attraction as the standard for existence.

Beautycon’s debut at the ESSENCE Festival of Culture presents an ideal opportunity to introduce this new era to an engaged and influential audience. This festival, known for its cultural impact, will serve as a preview for Beautycon’s refreshed approach. Following the festival, Beautycon will return to Los Angeles for a two-day event presented by Walmart. Brands, both established and emerging, will have a platform to showcase their unique voices and engage with an audience deserving of their attention. Walmart, as the exclusive retail partner, is committed to creating equitable opportunities within the beauty industry and offers a convenient shopping experience with affordable, high-quality products.

In the fall, Beautycon plans to expand its reach globally through an unprecedented virtual commerce experience. This groundbreaking event aims to redefine the beauty experience and provide multiple avenues for self-expression. More details about this virtual experience will be announced in the future.

The new tagline for Beautycon, “rally the rising beauty rebels,” encapsulates the unified vision of breaking free from the status quo and outdated standards. Beautycon invites everyone to join a revolutionary path towards an inclusive landscape that embraces and celebrates individuality. This is achieved by empowering those who embrace their unique perspectives, existences, and experiences.

The return of Beautycon signifies not just the revival of a brand, but the celebration of content, commerce, and community in the beauty industry. Beautycon remains committed to providing a thriving space where creators can engage in meaningful discourse while showcasing their talents to the world. The refreshed Beautycon logo, featuring a heart designed as a beauty mark, symbolizes the brand’s new vision.

Beauty enthusiasts and rebels can visit the Beautycon website for more information and updates on opportunities to engage with the community. Details about the Los Angeles event and ticket purchases will be announced on the official Beautycon website and social media channels.