Savvy Seniors Spotlight: Urban Aging Residents Coalition (UARC) – Nurturing Lives, Bridging Generations

Pamela Shields: A Visionary Advocate for Aging Elders

In the tapestry of our community’s growth and sustainability, the Urban Aging Residents Coalition (UARC) emerges as a beacon, addressing the urgent needs of our aging population. Founded in 2020 by the visionary advocate Pamela Shields, UARC places a laser focus on the pressing issues of Health, Education, and Quality of Life for Elders, particularly within the Black/African American community.

Lady Pamela Shields speaking to other Savvy Seniors about empowerment and self-sufficiency.

Mission: Empowering Elders Through Education and Sustainability

Under Pamela’s leadership, UARC’s mission is clear – to educate Elders strategically, employing methodologies that integrate health and technology to enhance their Quality of Life. This strategic approach reflects Pamela’s commitment to leveraging advancements to uplift and empower the aging community.

Vision: Mobilizing, Energizing, and Empowering Elders

Pamela’s vision for UARC extends beyond the present – envisioning platforms that mobilize, energize, and empower Elders as older adults, fostering increased life expectancy. Her passion for positive aging is the driving force behind UARC’s initiatives to create a lasting impact on the lives of the elderly.

A Future Aligned with African American Male Wellness Agency (AAMWA)

As an affiliate of the African American Male Wellness Agency, UARC stands at the forefront of social and health sciences, working towards successful human development across the lifespan. Pamela’s strategic collaboration with AAMWA amplifies the impact, reaching far beyond disciplinary borders.

Historical Value: Navigating Disparities with Tenacity

Pamela’s deep understanding of the disparities faced by aging Elders, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, led to the formation of UARC. The organization strives to counteract the socio-economic and health disadvantages, addressing issues such as the Digital Divide, social isolation, and health challenges that disproportionately affect Urban Aging Elders.

Bridging the Intergenerational Divide: Unity for Stronger Communities

UARC’s commitment to an intergenerational approach stems from Pamela’s belief in fostering connections between members of families within communities. This approach promotes shared economic development, respect, and unity, aiming to reduce violence and strengthen the building blocks for safe and healthy lifestyles.

Pamela’s dedication to serving older adults goes beyond UARC. She actively engages in various initiatives, partnering with organizations like Girl Scouts of Ohio, Columbus Public Schools’ Dream Maker advisory group, and Franklin County Children Services’ Foster Grandparent Kinship program. Pamela’s commitment has earned her several awards and honors, including The Community Leadership Award and recognition in “Who’s Who in Black Columbus.”

In the hands of Pamela Shields, UARC becomes not just an organization but a testament to positive aging, community strength, and intergenerational unity. As we navigate the challenges of an aging population, Pamela stands tall as a champion, leading the way toward a future where every Elder is celebrated, heard, and empowered.

Contact Information:Urban Aging Residents Coalition (UARC)
Affiliate of African American Male Wellness Agency (AAMWA)
2780 Airport Drive Suite 333
Columbus, Ohio 43219
Pamela Shields
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